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What Trump Kept on Doing While Answering Questions, Forcing Judge to Stamp Authority in His Court

Former President Donald Trump’s appearance in the New York civil fraud trial was marked by intense moments as he took the stand under oath on Monday, November 6, Reuters reported.

The trial, which holds significant implications for Trump’s real estate empire and business ventures, puts his long-standing career as a real estate mogul on the line, with business licenses and control of iconic properties at stake.

Trump’s testimony was highly anticipated, and it lived up to expectations, proving to be contentious.

He had expressed frustrations and at one point, even stormed out of the courtroom during previous appearances where he sat at the defendant’s table.

However, today, November 6, a significant moment occurred when New York Judge Arthur Engoron intervened, urging Trump to refrain from making lengthy speeches and instead focus on directly answering the questions posed to him.

According to BBC, Trump kept on making long speeches when prosectors bombarded him with a series of questions, a move which did not settle down well with the judge.

The judge emphasized, “Please, just answer the questions, no speeches. Some of your answers have not been responsive to the questions.”

This intervention highlighted the need for a more direct and focused approach to the proceedings.

Trump’s tendency to provide extensive commentary, as seen in his statements about whether banks pay attention to financial statements, prompted the judge’s directive.

Trump responded, “We’ll explore this as this trial goes along… this crazy trial goes along,” indicating his willingness to cooperate while expressing his view on the complexity of the trial.

This interaction underscored the balance that the court seeks to maintain between allowing the defendant to express himself and ensuring that the trial proceeds efficiently and effectively.

The judge’s assertive stance demonstrated his commitment to maintaining order and ensuring a fair and impartial trial.

As the trial continues, Trump’s testimony and the judge’s directive will likely be key points of discussion, shaping the narrative surrounding this high-profile legal battle.

The outcome of this trial holds far-reaching implications, not only for Trump personally but also for the broader legal and political landscape.



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