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Trump Jr. Steals Joke From Famous Comedian

Donald Trump Jr. recently took to his Twitter account and posted the following:

“Shout out to the hilarious @Shanemgillis, who was the comic that came up with the Biden Roomba joke and inspired a full-on “roomba” chant at the Trump”

Former President Donald Trump’s legal team has now revealed who will be the first witness called for the defense in the civil fraud trial in New York.

It has been noted that the former president’s son Donald Trump Jr. will take the stand on Monday morning for what marks the start of the defence’s case as they seek to prevent the Trump family business empire from being toppled in the Big Apple.

Don Jr has already taken to the stand once in the case as a witness for New York Attorney General Letitia James’ office on 2 and 3 November, where he struggled to remember much about his role at the Trump Organization.

During courtroom testimony, he denied knowledge of the fraudulent financial statements at the heart of the $250m case – pushing the responsibility onto accountants who he said “had an incredible, intimate knowledge” of the documents.

“I relied on them,” he said on the stand.

His denials of involvement came despite Don Jr and Eric being appointed to run the Trump Organization in January 2017, when their father entered the White House. Don Jr was specifically appointed as a trustee of his father’s trust.

The Trump legal team did not cross-examine him at the time.

Mr Trump’s other adult son Eric Trump, Ivanka Trump, and the former president himself also gave testimony before the AG’s office rested its case on Wednesday.

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