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“Trump is Going to Jail” Lawyer Makes a Stunning Prediction About Trump

Attorney Joe Gallina has made a surprising prediction about former President Donald Trump. Joe revealed that Trump is going to jail. The attorney noted that, if courts reinstate restrictive gag orders against former President Donald Trump, there’s a likelihood of him facing jail time. Gallina expressed this opinion during an interview with Mary L. Trump, who runs the “The Good in Us” newsletter.

As reported by the Conservative Brief on Wednesday, November 22, 2023, Gallina believes that Trump, known for lacking self-control in his rhetoric, will violate the gag order with public remarks if it is reimposed.

The context revolves around a federal appeals court hearing on Monday, focusing on the gag order imposed on Trump in the case accusing him of attempting to overturn the 2020 election defeat.

U.S. District Judge Tanya Chutkan initially implemented a gag order preventing Trump from publicly disparaging prosecutors, court staff, and potential witnesses.

The order was temporarily lifted, allowing Trump’s legal team to argue against restricting his speech. However, after Trump’s comments allegedly aimed at influencing his former chief of staff, Mark Meadows, Chutkan reinstated the order. The appeals court temporarily lifted the order during deliberations on Trump’s appeal.

Gallina, based on the signals from the D.C. Appeals Court judges during Monday’s hearing, predicted the reinstatement of some form of gag order.

He suggested that the court might modify or limit the order to clarify the type of speech that would violate it. Moreover, Gallina asserted that fines could be imposed, and if Trump persists in violating the gag orders, the possibility of jail time becomes “very likely.”

Mary Trump, during her conversation with Gallina, highlighted the potential consequences of Trump’s rhetoric, stating that his maligning of officers of the court had already incited violent intent, leading to threats against Judge Chutkan.

The appeals court, after a two-and-a-half-hour session, appeared skeptical of both sides regarding the reinstatement of the gag order related to Trump’s ‘election interference’ indictment. Trump’s attorneys and federal prosecutors presented arguments during the hearing.

Cecil VanDevender, representing Special Counsel Jack Smith’s office, argued for the necessity of the order to prevent intimidation and threats against participants in the case. On the other hand, John Sauer, Trump’s lawyer, advocated for the complete revocation of the order issued by Chutkan.

The ongoing legal saga surrounding Trump’s potential violation of gag orders and its consequences raises questions about the former president’s ability to adhere to legal constraints, with potential implications for his legal jeopardy.

Furthermore, the appeals court judges, during Monday’s session, expressed skepticism regarding the arguments presented by both Trump’s attorneys and federal prosecutors. The discussion revolved around whether to reinstate the gag order preventing Trump from making inflammatory comments.

Cecil VanDevender emphasized the necessity of the order to prevent intimidation and threats in a case where Trump is accused of illegally scheming to overturn the 2020 election. John Sauer, representing Trump, argued for the complete revocation of the order, adding complexity to the ongoing legal debate surrounding Trump’s public speech constraints.

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