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Trump Finally Speaks on His Wife Melania Trump Missing His Rallies and Keeping a Low Profile

In an interview with renowned journalist Megyn Kelly, former President Donald Trump delved into the enigma that is Melania Trump, offering a glimpse into the “mystery” that has shrouded the former first lady throughout her time in the public eye.

According to a report by The Daily Caller on Thursday, September 14, 2023, Donald Trump, ever the staunch defender of his wife, began by emphasizing the allure of Melania’s mysterious persona.

“I think part of the beauty is that mystery,” he mused, acknowledging the fascination that has surrounded her since she first assumed the role of first lady.

Melania Trump’s approach to public life has been markedly different from her predecessors.

She chose to maintain a low profile, rarely granting interviews and refraining from extensive public appearances, a stark contrast to the more active roles played by other first ladies.

This unique approach earned her a reputation as an enigmatic figure in the media.

Since leaving the White House, Melania has continued to maintain her privacy, appearing infrequently by her husband’s side, even as he embarks on his third presidential bid and faces numerous legal challenges.

Her absence from the campaign trail has raised questions and intensified the curiosity surrounding her.

However, Donald Trump was quick to defend his wife’s choices, emphasizing her unwavering self-confidence. “She doesn’t need to be out there [to get interviewed]. She has confidence.

She has a lot of self-confidence,” he explained to Megyn Kelly.

Despite her reserved nature, Melania Trump’s impact during her tenure as first lady cannot be denied.

Donald Trump proudly shared that his supporters continue to express their admiration for her.

“She was a very popular first lady,” he stated, reminiscing about the large rallies where her image adorned countless posters.

“We love our first lady,” declared the posters, a testament to the affection and respect she garnered from Trump’s supporters.

The interview, featured on Megyn Kelly’s SiriusXM podcast, The Megyn Kelly Show, marked a significant moment as it was the first time the two had sat down for an interview in seven years.

This conversation provided a unique opportunity to explore Melania’s character and her impact on the American public during her time as First Lady.

Donald Trump went on to draw a parallel between Melania and the legendary actress Greta Garbo while discussing her mysterious nature.

He recounted a conversation with the late journalist Barbara Walters, who was asked about her dream interview subject.

Walters, a seasoned interviewer, promptly named Greta Garbo, a Hollywood icon known for her reclusive nature and scarcity of interviews.

In drawing this parallel, Donald Trump emphasized that while Melania may not be as elusive as Greta Garbo, she shares an introspective and confident disposition that has captivated the public.

This introspection, combined with an aura of confidence, has contributed to the enduring mystery that surrounds the former first lady.

Donald Trump’s interview with Megyn Kelly shed light on Melania Trump’s enduring allure as a mysterious figure in American politics.

While maintaining a low public profile, Melania’s self-assured demeanor and unique approach to the role of first lady left an indelible mark on her time in the White House.

As the former president continues his political journey, Melania’s aura of mystery remains a captivating aspect of their legacy.

Rhiannon Ingle
Rhiannon Ingle
Journalist at the Medialinker Group


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