Legal Blunders and ‘Clueless’ Mishaps Trump Faces Setback in Gag Order Appeal

Donald Trump faced another legal setback as his attorneys committed critical errors, leading to the denial of his appeal against a gag order in his New York civil fraud case. The mishaps occurred during a day of legal arguments, prompting legal expert Lisa Rubin to draw parallels to the film “Clueless” in her analysis of X.

Rubin likened the situation to a scene in “Clueless” where the protagonist fails a driver’s license test and futilely seeks higher authority. She highlighted the mishandling of Trump’s case, emphasizing that his legal team failed to appeal the November 30 order until a later date and inaccurately pursued relief from a single judge to overturn a four-judge panel, As reported by Raw Story on Monday, December 4, 2023,

Despite Trump’s upcoming testimony on December 11, the legal team’s efforts were marked by frustration, reminiscent of the “Clueless” scene. Rubin pointed out their failure to expedite relief and the visible dissatisfaction with the court attorney’s responses.

Justice Sallie Manzanet-Daniels, who oversaw the appeals panel that reinstated the gag order, ultimately denied Trump’s application. Rubin emphasized that the court attorney’s guidance remained accurate: obtaining an earlier hearing before next Monday was impossible without the consent of the Attorney General’s office, given their delays.

The analysis concluded with Rubin humorously referencing Cher from “Clueless” with the phrase, “Oops. They’re bad,” accompanied by a clip from the film scene that encapsulated the overall experience.

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