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Maggie Haberman Team Drops Bombshell Trump Election Plot Memo To ‘Deprive Biden Of Electoral Votes’

Maggie Haberman, a correspondent for The New York Times and CNN analyst, and her team unveiled a significant revelation: an undisclosed memo that lays out a plan to overturn President Joe Biden’s victory against former President Donald Trump.

The political and media spheres have been captivated by the breaking news that former President Donald Trump has been indicted by Special Counsel Jack Smith’s grand jury on charges related to his endeavor to overturn the 2020 presidential election both before and on January 6, 2021.

Trump now faces allegations of conspiring to defraud the United States, conspiring to obstruct an official proceeding, obstructing and attempting to obstruct an official proceeding, and conspiring against rights.

A lawyer allied with President Donald J. Trump first laid out a plot to use false slates of electors to subvert the 2020 election in a previously unknown internal campaign memo that prosecutors are portraying as a crucial link in how the Trump team’s efforts evolved into a criminal conspiracy.
The existence of the Dec. 6, 2020, memo came to light in last week’s indictment of Mr. Trump, though its details remained unclear. But a copy obtained by The New York Times shows for the first time that the lawyer, Kenneth Chesebro, acknowledged from the start that he was proposing “a bold, controversial strategy” that the Supreme Court “likely” would reject in the end.
But even if the plan did not ultimately pass legal muster at the highest level, Mr. Chesebro argued that it would achieve two goals. It would focus attention on claims of voter fraud and “buy the Trump campaign more time to win litigation that would deprive Biden of electoral votes and/or add to Trump’s column.”

Within this new indictment emerged fresh evidence—a memo composed by Trump’s attorney Kenneth Chesebro—detailing the strategy devised to maintain Trump’s hold on power.

The reporting trio of Haberman, along with Charlie Savage and Luke Broadwater, shared the exclusive content of the memo they managed to obtain:

Even if, in the end, the Supreme Court would likely end up ruling that the power to count the votes (in the sense of resolving controversies concerning them) does not lie with the President of the Senate , but instead lies with Congress (either voting jointly, or in separate Houses) , letting matters play out this way would guarantee that public attention would be riveted on the evidence of electoral abuses by the Democrats, and would also buy the Trump campaign more time to win litigation that would deprive Biden of electoral votes and/or add to Trump’s column .

I recognize that what I suggest is a bold, controversial strategy , and that there are many reasons why it might not end up being executed on January 6.But as long as itis one possible option, to preserve it as a possibility itis important that the Trump-Pence electors cast their electoral votes on December 14.

While the source behind the memo’s revelation was not disclosed by Haberman and her team, she boasts a wealth of experience as a well-connected veteran journalist, boasting an extensive web of contacts, including individuals from both current and former Trump associates.



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