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“Fani Will Be Dumped”: Trump Doesn’t Deal With Black Women Very Well, CNN Bakari Reveals

CNN analyst Bakari Sellers highlighted the potential challenges ex-President Donald Trump may face due to his history with Black women, as per reports by CNN on Tuesday, August 15, 2023.

Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis announced a new indictment against Trump and 18 other defendants.

The press conference, held on Monday night, unveiled 13 counts of charges against Trump and dozens of charges against the co-defendants.

Sellers, participating in CNN’s detailed coverage of the indictment, emphasized Trump’s past antagonistic behavior towards Black women, including journalists Yamiche Alcindor and CNN’s Abby Phillip.

Sellers explained that Trump’s confrontations with Black women, coupled with the intricate indictment and the jury pool in Fulton County, Georgia, could create a perilous legal situation for the former president.

The indictment, meticulously compiled over months, showcases a comprehensive effort to hold Trump accountable for alleged wrongdoing.

Notably, the jury pool is located in Fulton County, a location that Sellers believes Trump might find uncomfortable due to his history of strained relationships with Black women.

Sellers further highlighted that there’s no available mechanism for Georgia Governor Brian Kemp to pardon Trump in this specific case, unlike potential scenarios in Washington, D.C., or Miami.

Sellers anticipated a challenging and uncomfortable situation for Trump as he faces the legal proceedings.

The interaction underscores the broader issue of Trump’s contentious relationship with Black women and the potential consequences as he navigates legal challenges.

This clash between Trump and District Attorney Willis emphasizes the pursuit of accountability beyond partisan lines.



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