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Indictments are getting to Donald Trump, as he cowardly cancels two events in one day

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Donald Trump is renowned for his bold yet reckless demeanor, often resorting to words and actions designed to appease his devoted but manipulated followers.

However, when his falsehoods and ill-considered moves push him into a precarious situation, he tends to make swift retreats—reminiscent of seeking refuge in the White House bunker during a 2020 protest.

Recent events have shown this pattern, as he abruptly backed out of two separate engagements through two distinct announcements.

The first about-face emerged in a post on Truth Social, where he revoked the promise of a “major press conference” scheduled for Monday.

This press conference was intended to unveil, after a three-year wait, his purported “Irrefutable & Overwhelming evidence” supporting baseless claims of election fraud in the 2020 elections. However, this event was canceled. (For details, refer to the initial retreat post below, reposted by Republican Accountability.)

Simultaneously, on the same day, he withdrew from participation in the upcoming Republican presidential debate scheduled for next week.

In a second Truth Social post, he questioned the rationale behind his involvement, saying, “People know my record… Why would I debate?” This statement, delivered without a hint of irony, was accompanied by his familiar slogan “I’M YOUR MAN. MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN.” (For further insight, see the second retreat post below, reposted by Rep. Adam Kinzinger.)

While it’s no shock that the former president, who has faced four indictments and served a single term, is currently demonstrating a skittish disposition, it underscores that his recent indictment—potentially the fourth and most consequential—might have the necessary impact to hold him accountable for his transgressions, ultimately prompting his retreat into a defensive stance. Via HuffPost



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