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Judge E. Jean Carroll requests a decision. Trump cannot maintain that he was not sexually assaulted

In the latest development of the legal battle between writer E. Jean Carroll and former President Donald Trump, Carroll’s attorney has petitioned Federal Judge Lewis Kaplan to restrict Trump from asserting innocence regarding the alleged sexual assault.

The request comes ahead of the scheduled January trial, focusing specifically on defamation damages related to Trump’s statements in June 2019.

Carroll’s attorney emphasized the narrower scope of the trial compared to Trump’s previous legal battle, where he was found liable for sexual abuse against Carroll.

The filing clarified that the upcoming trial aims to determine damages for defamation, distinct from establishing physical evidence of the alleged sexual assault.

The attorney argued that while Trump has the right to undergo questioning, he should not be allowed to make statements that contradict the court’s previous decision on collateral estoppel.

This decision concluded that Trump, with actual malice, lied about sexually assaulting Carroll. The filing specified that Trump should be barred from asserting his innocence, claiming truthfulness in his statements, suggesting fabrication by Carroll for political or financial motives, or providing any testimony inconsistent with the court’s findings.

The attorney maintained that Trump’s rights must be balanced with the court’s decision to prevent misleading or prejudicial statements during the trial.



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