Trump and Benedict Arnold are compared by a former White House reporter

A former White House reporter, Brian Karem, expressed strong views on Tuesday, asserting that Donald Trump is not only unlikely to secure another presidency but also branded him as a traitor.

Karem, emphasizing Trump’s alleged lack of credibility and ideas, disparaged him as delusional, disingenuous, and destructive, according to his post on Twitter/X.

Drawing a historical parallel, he likened Trump’s legacy to that of Benedict Arnold, the infamous American soldier who defected to the British side during the Revolutionary War.

Karem’s comments were triggered by a tweet from network executive Mike Sington, speculating about a potential second Trump term involving the creation of internment camps reminiscent of a dark chapter in American history when Japanese Americans were forcibly placed in camps during the 1940s.

Karem seized on the opportunity to express skepticism about Trump’s political future, using the term “IF” as a conditional word. He went further to suggest that Trump might face a different fate, such as engaging in unsavory activities on the streets after financial losses or legal battles.

In summary, Karem painted a bleak picture of Trump’s prospects, both politically and personally, emphasizing his strong disapproval of what he perceives as a potentially destructive influence on the nation.

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