Romney Caught ‘Begging’ To Trump At Hotel

Republican Sen. Mitt Romney recently laughed at former President Donald Trump and called him a ‘whack job’ after the ex-president and 2024 hopeful spent Monday morning bashing him on Truth Social.

Romney is the subject of a new biography by The Atlantic’s McKay Coppins entitled Romney: A Reckoning, where he gives another warning about Trumpism, after voting to convict Trump at both impeachments.

The Utah senator mouthed off to Coppins about Trump and other Republican leaders, which prompted the ex-president to take to Truth Social and call Romney ‘a total loser that only a mother could love,’ among other insults.

Coppins was speaking to Vanity Fair’s Brian Stelter Thursday for an episode of the Inside the Hive podcast and revealed Romney’s response to Trump’s rant.

‘I sent that statement to Mitt and hold on, I want to, I’ll just pull up the text,’ Coppins said. ‘He wrote back, “Ha, ha, ha. He’s such a whack job.” So Mitt kind of enjoyed Trump’s response.’

Trump was headed to New Hampshire Monday to get his name officially added to the GOP primary ballot when he dedicated several Truth Social posts to Romney, mistakenly saying that the Utah senator and 2012 GOP presidential nominee had penned an autobiography.

Mitt Romney, a total loser that only a mother could love, just wrote a book which is, much like him, boring, horrible, and totally predictable,’ Trump said. ‘I am very proud to be the one who forced this Left Leaning RINO out of politics.’

‘He wanted to run so badly but knew he couldn’t win in the great State of Utah without my Endorsement and Support, so he QUIT,’ the ex-president added.

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