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Supreme Court’s Swift Response Spells Trouble for Trump and His Legal Maneuvers

The swift decision by the Supreme Court to entertain arguments from special counsel Jack Smith asserting that Donald Trump lacks absolute immunity from charges related to actions during his presidency is presenting a challenging scenario for the former president.

Observers, including a former federal prosecutor, perceive this rapid response as an unfavorable development for Trump’s legal strategy. Vice’s Greg Walters reports that if Trump intended to exploit the legal system to indefinitely delay his trial proceedings, this plan may have unraveled when Jack Smith bypassed the Appeals Court and directly sought a ruling from the Supreme Court.

This unconventional move could potentially lead to a groundbreaking decision. Despite Trump having appointed three justices to the Supreme Court, the expeditious response raises speculation about the court’s stance and whether they are aligned with the former president’s interests, particularly considering the proximity of the next election.

Gene Rossi, a former federal prosecutor, interprets the situation as ominous for Trump, suggesting that the Supreme Court may be signaling a sense of urgency, stating, “This is a bad omen for Trump. I sense that members of the Supreme Court are saying to themselves: ‘We cannot wait, this has to happen soon.’”

Walters points out that, historically, the conservative-leaning Supreme Court hasn’t consistently favored Trump, even with a 6-3 conservative majority, three of whom were appointed by him. The court has previously ruled against Trump in crucial legal battles.

Compounding Trump’s concerns is the potential impact on the 2024 election. If the Supreme Court swiftly rules against him and accelerates trial proceedings, there is a real possibility of Trump facing a conviction before the election.

Walters emphasizes that polls suggest a conviction could erode support for Trump, even among Republicans. A recent survey indicated that 31% of Republican voters would withdraw their support post-conviction. Such a substantial shift could significantly favor President Biden in the election.

In essence, the unfolding legal developments pose a formidable challenge to Donald Trump’s political future, adding uncertainty to his legal predicament and potentially reshaping the political landscape as the 2024 election looms.



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