Republicans Mock Trump After A Slip Of The Tongue While Attacking Joe Biden On His Mental Status

Former President Donald Trump’s comments at a prayer summit have sparked controversy and ridicule from fellow Republicans.

While criticizing President Joe Biden, Trump made a surprising verbal slip, warning Americans against being led into “World War II.”

According to a report by The Rawstory on Sunday, September 17, 2023, this unexpected mistake has raised questions about Trump’s own cognitive abilities, leading to a flurry of criticism from within his own party.

Trump’s remarks took place during a speech at a prayer summit, where he characterized Joe Biden as “cognitively impaired.”

However, it was his unintentional reference to “World War II” instead of “World War III” that grabbed the attention of his fellow Republicans and political observers alike.

One prominent voice among the critics was the group “Republicans Against Trump,” which describes itself as “pro-democracy conservative Republicans fighting Trump & Trumpism.”

They took to social media to highlight the apparent irony of Trump’s statement.

Their tweet read, “Donald Trump is warning America that ‘Cognitively impaired’ Biden will lead us into ‘World War Two’ if re-elected. You can’t make this sh-t up.”

Former Republican Party chairman Michael Steele did not hold back in his criticism of the former president.

Steele called Trump a “dumb-ss” and questioned whether people were still supporting him, given his comments.

Former Republican media consultant Matthew Sheffield also chimed in, describing Trump’s speech as “mumbling” and “slurred.”

He pointed out that Trump expressed concerns about “cognitively impaired” presidents while simultaneously claiming he would prevent “World War 2.”

Sheffield added a note of concern about the atmosphere during Trump’s speech, mentioning “relaxation music designed to lull his audience via fascistic ASMR,” and went further to label it a “cult.”

Sheffield continued to express his view, stating that Trump had not been able to deliver a grammatical sentence while speaking for at least a decade.

He argued that Trump’s base supported him precisely because both he and they exhibited “broken cognition.”

Right-wing online personality Bill Mitchell, who once supported Trump but has since shifted his allegiance to Ron DeSantis, also weighed in.

He questioned Trump’s mental state, asking if Trump had indeed claimed to have beaten Obama and warned of Biden leading the nation into World War TWO.

Mitchell’s comments suggested that, in his view, Trump was experiencing significant mental decline and called for a new generation of leaders.

Trump’s verbal slip and the ensuing criticism within his own party highlight the ongoing debate about the mental acuity of public figures and the potential impact of such assessments on political discourse.

It remains to be seen how these comments will influence Trump’s future political ambitions and the broader dynamics within the Republican Party.

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