Trouble For Trump As His Former Personal Aid Throws Him Under The Bus, Tells FBI What He Did

Former President Donald Trump’s personal assistant, Molly Michael, has reportedly disclosed to the FBI that Trump gave her “to-do lists” on the back of classified documents.

These claims have come to light in an exclusive report by ABC News, which cites anonymous sources familiar with Michael’s statements.

According to a report by ABC News on Tuesday, September 19, one source stated that Molly Michael “received requests or tasking from Trump that were written on the back of note cards.”

What makes these claims even more concerning is that Michael later recognized those note cards as sensitive White House materials, complete with visible classification markings.

These materials were used to brief Trump during his time in office on phone calls with foreign leaders and other international-related matters.

The report, authored by Katherine Faulders, Mike Levine, and Alexander Mallin, also reveals a glaring oversight by the FBI.

During a search of Trump’s Mar-a-Lago residence in August 2022, notecards with classification markings were apparently missed by investigators.

Michael, upon her return to work, discovered these documents beneath a drawer organizer and promptly handed them over to the FBI on the same day.

Molly Michael, who began working for Trump in 2018, reportedly resigned from her position in response to Trump’s alleged refusal to comply with federal requests and the subsequent FBI search of Mar-a-Lago.

One of the most troubling aspects of Michael’s statements is her growing concern over Trump’s handling of requests from the National Archives to return government documents stored in boxes at Mar-a-Lago.

Sources indicate that she believed Trump’s claims regarding these documents would be easily disproven.

ABC News had previously reported that Molly Michael is likely the individual referred to as “Trump Employee 2” in Special Counsel Jack Smith’s indictment.

This individual was described in the indictment as someone who managed many of Trump’s White House-era boxes at Mar-a-Lago and provided Trump with photographs of these boxes, which were subsequently included in the indictment.

As expected, neither the FBI nor a spokesperson for Molly Michael has responded to requests for comment.

In contrast, a spokesperson for Donald Trump vehemently criticized what they referred to as “illegal leaks” from the Department of Justice and asserted that the reporting on Michael’s statements lacks “proper context and relevant information.”

Trump’s statement to ABC emphasized that he believes he has done nothing wrong and consistently adhered to the law, insisting on truth and transparency.

This bombshell report raises questions about the handling of classified documents during the Trump administration and the extent to which sensitive materials may have been mishandled or retained improperly.

As the investigation unfolds, it is sure to cast a shadow on the former president’s legacy and spark further debate about transparency and accountability in government.

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