Toddler shoots self dead upon coming across an unsecured firearm, ‘revealed who the father is’!

Tragedy struck as a 2-year-old boy accidentally took his own life after stumbling upon an unsecured firearm, according to police officials. The responding officers found that the child had gained access to the unsecured firearm, leading to the unfortunate accidental shooting, as stated in a police department release.

The child was swiftly transported to a nearby hospital, where, despite medical efforts, they were pronounced dead. Authorities are currently conducting an investigation into the incident, and no further details have been disclosed at this time, as mentioned in the statement.

Authorities have not provided additional information regarding the child or the circumstances surrounding the incident, including whether a caregiver was present at the time. It remains unclear if charges or arrests will follow as a result of the incident.

This tragedy occurred within two months of Governor Whitmer signing bills into law, which now mandate background checks for gun purchasers in the state and require gun owners to safely store their firearms and ammunition when minors are present.

During the bill signing, Governor Whitmer expressed her concern about gun violence, stating, “Gun violence is a scourge that is unique to this country. We don’t have to live like this, and today, we are showing we are not going to anymore.” In a follow-up report by WILX, it was revealed that the 2-year-old child was the offspring of a police officer.

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