The Paradoxical Practices of a Zero COVID Cult Member: A Closer Look at Inconsistencies in Self-Isolation Ideals

I previously highlighted the intriguing and concerning online community, often referred to as the Zero COVID cult, comprised of ardent supporters of extended lockdowns and stringent mask mandates in response to the pandemic.

This group, active primarily on platforms like Twitter, exhibits a reluctance to return to pre-COVID norms.

Consider, for instance, the case of an individual who epitomizes this mindset. This person, an avid member of the Zero COVID cult, curiously makes an exception to her otherwise strict self-isolation stance when it comes to a particular pastime she adores, even while critiquing it for promoting what she terms “white feminism.”

It’s an amusing thought to imagine her at a social gathering, although the prospect of coaxing her out of her isolation for such an occasion might be a challenge.

To summarize her recent actions, documented in her TikTok video, she did the following:

  • Privately rented an entire movie theater, scheduling the event for the early morning before the public’s access. This timing decision was driven by her desire to ensure the air had cleared from any “unmasked MAGA Neanderthals” from the night before, reflecting her strongly polarized views.
  • Invited around 20 fellow adherents of the Zero COVID cult in the Pacific Northwest, charging them a fee significantly higher than a standard ticket cost. This inflated price ostensibly aimed to recoup the expense of reserving the entire theater for the event, a move catering to their anxieties surrounding COVID.
  • Collaborated with a single theater employee who complied with her elaborate plan, believing that involving more than one employee could heighten the risk of COVID transmission.
  • Prohibited concessions during the screening, perhaps due to her concern that attendees might momentarily remove their masks to eat or drink, a prospect she finds unacceptable.
  • Ensured that the theater had recently upgraded its air filtration systems to MERV standards.
  • Mandated attendees to wear N95, KN94, or P100 masks at all times, stressing the importance of a proper fit and even reserving the right to replace attendees’ masks if she deemed them inadequate.
  • Excluded children from the event, citing her belief that they may not fully adhere to her rigorous all-encompassing mask policy throughout the entire movie.

Interestingly, it’s worth noting that despite her extreme COVID-related measures, she doesn’t appear to extend her cautiousness to other aspects of her life, as evident in her visits to fast-food drive-thrus and a lack of exercise, both of which have seemingly led to significantly high weight. This is particularly noteworthy as obesity is recognized as a notable COVID-19 comorbidity.

In essence, this individual’s actions illustrate the intricate and sometimes contradictory behaviors that can emerge from individuals who have adopted the Zero COVID stance with fervor.

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