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This Man Got Engaged Two Years After His Wife Died Then One Day He Received An Unusual Phone Call. Shocking

After two years of trying to move forward following his wife’s passing, David Schmitz received a life-changing phone call. In January 2011, Brenda Schmitz had been devastated to learn that she had stage four ovarian cancer, and despite her terminal diagnosis, her primary concern was the well-being of her family.

Brenda wanted David to find happiness with someone else after her departure and encouraged him to seek companionship. Reflecting on a conversation they had before her passing, David shared that Brenda wished for him to find a partner who would love and care for their children as her own. With these thoughts in mind, David focused on supporting their four children after Brenda’s tragic demise. The family’s grief gradually eased, and in October 2012, David met Jane Abraham, a mother of two who seamlessly integrated into their lives, fulfilling Brenda’s hopes.

A poignant moment occurred when Jane noticed a rainbow photograph in little Max’s bedroom. This sparked a conversation that solidified Jane’s connection with the family. David explained the significance behind the photo, revealing that Brenda and Max used to sing “Over the Rainbow” together, and on the day Brenda passed away at 7:07 a.m., an extraordinary double rainbow appeared despite the absence of rain. David saw this as a sign from Brenda, and when Jane shared a picture of the same double rainbow on her phone, he realized she was the one for him.

Feeling blessed by this serendipitous rainbow coincidence and believing that Brenda’s spirit was approving of their relationship, David proposed to Jane in September 2013, and she happily accepted. In December of the same year, David received a surprising call from a local radio station, informing him that they had received a Christmas wish for his family. To his astonishment, the wish came from Brenda herself.

Before her passing, Brenda had written down her requests in a letter and asked a friend to deliver it to the radio station when David found love again. Brenda’s three wishes were to arrange an unforgettable family trip, throw a party to honor the doctors and nurses who had cared for her, and pamper Jane for being a stepmother to the boys.

Overwhelmed with emotion, David knew that Brenda’s presence was still strongly felt. The radio station, with the help of sponsors, granted all three wishes, sending the family on an all-expenses-paid trip to Disney World and organizing food deliveries for the hospital staff. Jane received a well-deserved massage, and the family experienced Brenda’s love once more.

In addition to the wishes, Brenda had also written a heartfelt letter to Jane, expressing her love and gratitude. Jane was deeply moved by Brenda’s words, acknowledging that she could sense Brenda’s presence and even spoke to her at times. Jane firmly believed that Brenda was watching over them all.

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