This man buried over 10,000 babies and when they discovered the reason, ‘they were astonished’!

The experience of becoming a parent is an unparalleled joy in life. It is said that when you become a mother or father, you embrace a parental role for all the children in the world. There is a man who truly understands this sentiment, as his actions can only be explained by the depth of his parental instincts.

Meet Tong, a mason from Vietnam who, many years ago, experienced the overwhelming happiness of becoming a father. On the day of his child’s birth, Tong accompanied his wife to the hospital, eagerly awaiting the arrival of their son.

However, their joy soon turned into concern as Tong noticed something unusual about the hospital. Women would enter the premises visibly pregnant, but they would leave without their babies. It took time for him to uncover the truth, but eventually, Tong realized that these women were coming to the hospital for abortions.

The heartbreaking realization that numerous babies would never have the opportunity to see the world shattered Tong’s heart. In an effort to make a difference, he made a promise to God. He vowed that if his own child’s birth went smoothly and both the mother and child survived, he would find a way to help the other children in need. This pledge marked the inception of his “crazy” project.

Tong approached the hospital and requested that they entrust him with the remains of the aborted fetuses so that he could provide them with a dignified burial. And so, his mission began. Tong purchased a plot of land in the city of Nha Trang, where he started building a cemetery—a final resting place for the unborn babies.

Although his wife initially thought he had lost his mind, Tong remained steadfast in his commitment to honor his promise and what he believed was right. He firmly believed that these unborn children possessed souls and deserved a place of rest, filled with love. Since then, Tong has laid to rest over 10,000 babies.

However, Tong’s project had an even deeper purpose. He aimed to make pregnant women pause and reflect upon their decisions. Often, the women seeking abortions were not doing so out of personal choice. Instead, they felt compelled due to their partners’ unwillingness to use contraception or because they desired a child of a different gender.

Additionally, government policies limiting families to only two children also contributed to the high number of abortions in Vietnam. Remarkably, Tong’s project yielded results. Pregnant women, especially those lacking resources to support their choices, began seeking out Tong for assistance. Consequently, he decided to embrace these children of mothers facing challenging circumstances.

He established an orphanage where he doesn’t perceive himself as the leader, but rather as a father to all the foster children. The concept behind the orphanage is to care for the children until their birth mothers are in a better position to provide for them. What initially began as a cemetery has evolved into a home for more than 100 children in the past four years alone.

The sanctuary for these children relies primarily on donations and the tireless efforts of Tong and his family. Managing the needs of so many children and overseeing the day-to-day operations is no easy task. Nevertheless, Tong remains resolute in his mission. “I will continue this work until the end of my days,” he affirms. “And I hope my children will continue to help others when I’m gone.”

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