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They thought she was carrying 8 babies. No one was prepared when it came time for her to give birth

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When TikToker Renee W decided to share her pregnancy journey and showcase her growing belly on social media, she encountered skepticism and even faced questioning from a doctor. However, as the time for her delivery arrived, Renee proved her critics wrong.

Pregnancy experiences vary widely among women, with some struggling through it and others feeling more energetic. Renee W, a mother from the U.S., embarked on her sixth pregnancy journey and began documenting it on TikTok. Initially known for sharing her recovery and journey toward sobriety, she shifted her focus when she became pregnant.

One of the main reasons she gained attention and followers was her substantial belly. While her initial video didn’t garner much engagement, her belly continued to grow over time, leading to millions of views on her videos. Speculations about the number of babies she might be carrying arose, with some suggesting she might be expecting as many as eight.

Renee consistently asserted that she was carrying only one baby, despite the persistent rumors. Amidst the comments and even the concerns from a doctor who questioned the size of her belly, Renee stood firm. She explained that an ultrasound had confirmed that everything was normal.

Despite criticisms and doubts, Renee’s giant belly captured the online community’s attention. Pregnancy experiences vary greatly, and what might seem unusual to some can be quite normal for others. Renee emphasized her belief that unity, empathy, and shared values are crucial during challenging times, but she also understood the significance of personal faith.

Throughout her well-documented pregnancy, Renee’s belly expanded as she shared her journey with her followers. At 37 weeks pregnant, one of her videos gained 37 million views, showcasing the widespread interest in her story. Despite the naysayers, some supporters defended her, recognizing that every pregnancy is unique.

Finally, on February 18th, Renee silenced the doubters by giving birth to a healthy baby boy via a scheduled C-section. Her son weighed nine pounds eight ounces and measured 22 and a half inches tall. The delivery was a success, and Renee was overjoyed to welcome her big, healthy baby boy.

Although Renee’s journey had its share of complications, she embraced her baby bump and cherished the experience it brought. She continued to update her followers after the birth, sharing her postpartum experiences and addressing critical comments with confidence. As Renee navigates the challenges of motherhood once again, she remains dedicated to her sobriety and the well-being of her family.

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