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Family Who Just Buried Their Two-Year-Old Hit With Yet Another Tragedy Again

Losing a child is an immensely heart-wrenching experience, irrespective of the circumstances. It becomes even more devastating when the loss is a result of inexplicable events that were beyond anyone’s control.

Imagine, then, the unimaginable pain of losing not just one, but both of your children consecutively, due to circumstances completely outside your influence. No parent should ever have to contemplate the unthinkable prospect of outliving their own children.

Only a few weeks ago, the Allen family found themselves in the unfathomable position of having to lay their son, 2-year-old Brody Allen, to rest. The tragedy of losing a child who had barely begun to experience life is truly heartbreaking.

What makes this situation even more agonizing is that it was no one’s fault – young Brody fell victim to a rare form of brain cancer. Silent tumors had been growing within his little skull, and by the time anyone detected them, the cancer had become inoperable.

In response, the family decided to celebrate an early Christmas, with the overwhelming support of hundreds of compassionate individuals who had been touched by this precious child’s story.

Now, the Allens are confronted with yet another heart-wrenching ordeal. Just weeks after burying their baby boy, 18-year-old Andrew Allen’s life hangs in the balance.

On October 5th, tragedy struck when Andrew was involved in a harrowing car accident while attempting to cross Springdale Road at night near Niagara Street. He was struck by two cars and narrowly avoided being run over by a third. Fortunately, all the drivers involved stopped to seek medical assistance and provided aid to him until he could be transported to the hospital.

According to the most recent reports, Andrew’s condition has stabilized, but he remains in critical condition. Considering the details shared by Todd Allen, Andrew’s father, in a Facebook post, this is not surprising.

The accident inflicted a host of severe injuries on Andrew, including a life-threatening traumatic brain injury (TBI), a spleen with minor lacerations, multiple compound fractures in both legs, a broken and dislocated collarbone, a fractured shoulder bone, as well as damage to his kidneys, heart, and lungs.

Doctors have placed Andrew in a medically induced coma to facilitate his recovery, and he requires a ventilator as he cannot breathe on his own. Additionally, he has undergone 27 blood transfusions, prompting Todd to express gratitude to blood donors and urge others to donate, potentially saving other lives.

While Andrew’s journey to recovery is far from over, there have been positive signs. The swelling in his body has subsided significantly, his heart rate has stabilized to a normal rhythm, and he is gradually regaining the ability to breathe independently, though he still relies on ventilator support. Andrew has demonstrated his resilience in the face of adversity.

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