The World Couldn’t Wait For A Real Trump Mugshot, So A Fake One Went Incredibly Viral (Along With A Few More)

On Thursday evening, ex-President Donald Trump turned himself into the Fulton County jail on a buffet of indictment charges including some RICO whoppers.

He spoke of this as though it was a primetime event, which is probably why he waited until 7:30 p.m. EST to show up. Mind you, Trump decided to sit out this week’s Fox News GOP debate in favor of a low-energy Tucker Carlson interview, but Trump couldn’t sit out being “ARRESTED” in all-caps, of course.

Trump landed in Atlanta shortly before go time, and he was at his destination in a jiffy. He was booked and had a mugshot taken like any “normal” defendant, but of course, there was some special treatment.

Trump was allowed to self-report his own weight, which was definitely not accurate.

As people awaited the official historic mugshot, they got a bit creative and full of Kenergy. Yep, fake mugshots surfaced. Yet as you can see above, Trump was wearing a solid red tie, not a blue-and-red striped one as shown below.

If the real one surfaces, the world will certainly be all over it, too.

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