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The video shows the plane door opened during the flight

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A passenger aboard an Asiana Airlines flight shocked fellow passengers when he opened an emergency exit door as the plane was preparing to land in South Korea. According to the man, he took this action because he felt suffocated and wanted to disembark quickly.

The incident occurred on Friday as the Airbus A321 was descending towards Daegu International Airport, with the aircraft approximately 213 meters (700 feet) above the ground. Panic ensued among passengers as the emergency door was opened.

During questioning by the police, the man in his 30s revealed that he had recently lost his job, causing significant stress. He expressed that his motive for opening the door was a result of feeling suffocated and desiring a prompt exit. South Korea’s Yonhap news agency reported that he perceived the flight to be longer than anticipated and felt confined inside the cabin.

Authorities, considering the violation of the Aviation Security Act and other offenses, requested an arrest warrant for the detained man on Saturday. While the man’s surname was disclosed as Lee, his full name was not revealed in accordance with customary practice.

Following the incident, nine passengers were taken to the hospital due to breathing issues, heightening the fear experienced by many on board. Fortunately, all individuals were discharged after receiving medical attention for about two hours.

Social media circulated video footage apparently recorded by a passenger on the flight, displaying the rush of air into the cabin and the disturbance caused by the opening of the emergency door.

The method used by Lee to open the emergency exit mid-flight remains unclear. Jin Seong-hyun, a former Korean Air cabin safety official, stated that to his knowledge, this incident was unprecedented, although instances of passengers opening emergency exits without authorization have occurred while planes were on the ground.

A representative from South Korea’s transport ministry noted that it is possible to open emergency exits at or near ground level since the pressure inside and outside the cabin is relatively similar.

Jake Massey
Jake Massey
Journalist at the Medialinker Group


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