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The trans man gave birth, but ‘people screamed in disbelief when they discovered what he is doing to his baby’!

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Posey, now in his 30s, was born a female but has transitioned to male gender. In an interview, the transgender guy described how he had been uneasy about his gender identity from childhood but had never realized what it was.

Posey’s transgender coworker enlightened him to his true gender identity, and he began medically transitioning to male right away. The news of his impending fatherhood completely shocked the 31-year-old trans man. He and his son, Posey said, are having a great time.

After getting backlash for his b-breastfeeding videos, Posey opened up about his struggles as a new father last month. The trans man has been criticized ever since it came to light that he breastfeeds his newborn child.

People on the internet attacked him for being a weak man since he was caring for and nursing his child. Many were outraged to find that Posey is feeding his son breast milk.

We aren’t trying to win anyone over except ourselves, therefore it’s fine if others don’t agree with our way of life. Posey said she hoped that by talking about her experiences with pregnancy and breastfeeding, she may help other women feel less isolated.

But as he disclosed in one of his videos, some people weren’t delighted with his being both a mother and a father to his child, stating things like You do not belong on earth, Males don’t bear babies, and Go ahead and go back to where you came from.

It’s okay to use what you have to give your child the best start in life, Posey told them, so they shouldn’t feel terrible about breastfeeding their own children. All the pieces are in place for (b-breastfeed).

According to an interview he made with The Daily Mail, Just because I transitioned does not mean I divested myself from wanting to provide my child sustenance. He said he decided to keep helping others who are going through a similar scenario despite the fact that the answer affected him deeply at first.

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