The judge in Trump’s NY fraud case pounds bench while warning about false statements

The judge overseeing the $250 million fraud case brought by New York Attorney General Letitia James against Donald Trump’s Trump Organization reportedly pounded the bench multiple times on Friday as he warned lawyers for Trump about using false statements in business.

The former president, who has been trying to rid himself of Judge Arthur F. Engoron in the high-profile matter, has been said by legal experts to be fighting an uphill battle in the case. Trump stands accused of misstating his worth on official forms.

Engoron on Friday “literally” pounded the bench during a particular part of the hearing, according to the Messenger’s Adam Klasfeld.

Klasfeld reports: “Engoron literally pounds the bench as he articulates this principle: ‘You cannot make false statements and use them in business.'”

Klasfeld made a separate post to emphasize that Engoron was extraordinarily passionate in the moment he pounded the bench.

“The judge pounded the bench *multiple* times while making this remark,” he added on Friday.

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