The family was left homeless after the teen daughter’s ‘dead’ vape set the house on fire

A devastating incident has left a family and their beloved dog homeless after a fire, believed to have been caused by a vape running out of battery, rendered their house uninhabitable.

Heidi Johnson, the mother of the family, initially dismissed the blaring smoke alarms in their rented home as a mere technical glitch. However, upon investigating, she was met with a disturbing sight. Upstairs, her daughter’s bedroom was engulfed in flames, shrouding the surroundings in darkness. Overwhelmed by the unexpected spectacle, Heidi screamed in horror.

Quickly reacting to the imminent danger, Heidi urgently instructed her friend and young son to evacuate the premises. The fire brigade was promptly summoned to combat the rapidly spreading flames. Initially, the firefighters suspected a gas leak as the cause, but later investigations pointed to a cherry cola-flavored vape that Heidi’s daughter had discarded in her room after its battery died.

Surprisingly, the vape had been present in the room for quite some time, despite Heidi’s prohibition of such devices within their home. Heidi empathetically absolved her daughter of any blame, as the young girl was devastated and utterly heartbroken by the unfortunate incident.

According to the fire brigade, the fire resulted from the leakage of lithium from the battery, a hazardous substance that ignited the blaze. The fire consumed the upper level of the residence, leaving it charred and emitting suffocating smoke, while the lower level suffered extensive water damage. Consequently, Heidi, accompanied by the dog, was compelled to seek refuge in her car, while her children found temporary accommodations with friends.

Unable to access her perilous home even for basic belongings, Heidi expressed her distressing predicament, lamenting the loss of everything and the disheartening impact on her children. Devoid of possessions and shelter, the family faces the harsh reality of homelessness. Yearning for a return to normalcy and reunification with her children, Heidi’s situation is nothing short of heart-wrenching.

By sharing her harrowing experience, Heidi hopes to raise awareness and caution others about the proper disposal of vapes. She urges individuals to handle these devices responsibly, emphasizing the lack of adequate disposal infrastructure for such hazardous items. Hoping to spare others from a similar catastrophe, Heidi implores people to acknowledge the potential dangers, as she herself had been unaware of the risks involved.

As the family awaits alternative housing options, a fundraiser has been initiated to assist them in rebuilding their lives from scratch. Despite the devastating loss, Heidi remains grateful for her survival and endeavors to discourage vaping, recognizing the tremendous value of personal well-being over any fleeting allure associated with it. You can donate here.

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