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The Biden admin is canceling whistleblowers

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This is quickly turning into a trend that seems to be clearly illegal and could lead to a constitutional crisis. FBI intelligence analyst and Marine combat veteran Marcus Allen recently reported to Congress that he had uncovered open-source intelligence calling into question the testimony of Director Chris Wray about the Jan. 6 probe.

This week had his security clearance and paychecks revoked. An unnamed IRS agent who once broke open some infamous Swiss bank tax evasion cases brought forward material showing interference by the Justice Department in the Hunter Biden tax evasion investigation.

This week he and his entire team were removed from the case they had been working on for years. Just the News editor John Solomon asks what should be the obvious question on everyone’s minds. Is the Biden administration seeking retribution and punishment of whistleblowers in an illegal fashion and doing so right out in the open?

Two different whistleblowers from two separate law enforcement agencies in two separate high-profile criminal cases are raising a disturbing new question for Congress: Is the Biden administration seeking to squash those who report wrongdoing or challenge its official narratives?

Just 24 hours apart, the plights of a decorated FBI intelligence analyst and a decorated supervisory IRS agent burst onto the national scene with detailed accounts alleging they have endured retaliation and reprisal for blowing the whistle.

The publicly unnamed IRS agent – once a star on the Swiss bank tax evasion cases that stunned the world – was unceremoniously dumped along with his entire team from the Hunter Biden tax probe just a few weeks after alleging there was Justice Department political interference in the high-profile matter, his lawyers reported to Congress.

The FBI is declining to comment on either of these cases. It’s against the law to pursue retribution against whistleblowers, and yet here we are.

Why this isn’t the lead story on every news network (except Fox News) shouldn’t be that much of a mystery. Illegal activity by the Biden administration isn’t news as long as it benefits the Democrats and the permanent power structure in Washington. But as I mentioned at the top, this truly does represent a constitutional crisis.

Congress is charged with conducting oversight of the administrative branch of the government. That includes our federal law enforcement and intelligence agencies. But the Justice Department has the responsibility to investigate and prosecute such crimes. What happens when they refuse to investigate themselves when they are the ones breaking the law on behalf of the White House?

Yes, the various House committees investigating these matters can hold people in the CIA and the FBI in Contempt of Congress and issue fines, but that’s about it. Christopher Wray and Antony Blinken need to be ejected from their positions and put on trial. But as long they’re doing as the Biden family bids and Democrats control the Senate, they clearly won’t be removed and even if they are impeached they won’t be convicted.

The Biden administration isn’t even trying to hide this anymore. They’ve been exposed, but they simply don’t care, or so it seems. They appear to believe that there will never be any consequences. And most of the media is playing along as if this is all a “nothing burger” and not worth wasting people’s time over.

Our federal governmental and legal systems appear to be fundamentally broken at this point. I’m honestly not trying to be hyperbolic here, but if we don’t manage to get a GOP administration in place next year to start cleaning the house and establish solid majorities in both chambers of Congress, I’m not sure if the republic will survive as we’ve known it in the past. We are quickly moving into banana republic territory.

Jake Massey
Jake Massey
Journalist at the Medialinker Group


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