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Teacher’s Goodbye Message Goes Viral When She’s Fired Over “No-Zero” Policy

Attention all parents! Imagine a scenario where your child is not allowed to fail in school. Initially, this idea might seem appealing, especially considering that some kids find schoolwork more challenging than others. It could potentially level the playing field, right?

Well, this very concept and the school policy surrounding it have led a teacher to resign from her position. The incident took place recently in Port St. Lucie, Florida, when Diana Tirado, an experienced teacher, discovered that she was no longer permitted to give her students a grade lower than 50 percent.

This policy came to light when several of her eighth-grade U.S. History students failed to submit an assignment. Since Tirado had no work to evaluate, she assigned them a grade of 0 percent, which ultimately resulted in her facing consequences from the school administration, which has a “no zero” policy to WPTV.

Although the exact reasons for her contract termination remain undisclosed, it appears that her refusal to comply with the school’s unconventional grading system was a contributing factor. Prior to her departure, she left her students with a heartfelt note that has since gone viral, expressing her love for them and explaining why she could no longer be their U.S. History teacher.

It is a truly frustrating story to hear. It is difficult to comprehend a school’s decision to reward a student for not participating in their studies.

If you are interested in learning more about this perplexing incident and meeting Mrs. Tirado herself, we encourage you to watch the video below.

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