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Swimming Instructor Urges Parents to Avoid Placing Towels on Kids’ Shoulders

Parents across the internet are expressing their gratitude on social media after a swimming instructor shared an essential technique for wrapping children in towels. Nikki Scarnati, a certified ISR swim instructor, water safety advocate, and drowning prevention educator, turned to TikTok to educate parents on the correct way to dry off their children and wrap them in a towel after swimming. This simple adjustment could potentially save lives.

In the video, Nikki demonstrates the “proper way to put your towel around your child” by comparing it to the way most parents instinctively dry off their kids. She mentions, “I see it happen so many times, and I myself, as a parent, did it without even realizing it was a thing.”

Nikki then illustrates the common method of placing the towel over the child’s shoulders to keep them warm and cozy. However, she points out the potential danger in this approach, saying, “If they were to fall in the pool this way, all of their limbs are going to be restricted under a wet towel.”

Instead, she advises drying off their arms first and then having the child lift their arms, allowing the towel to be wrapped around them, similar to how one would wrap themselves after showering. This way, if they accidentally end up in the water, they will still have access to their limbs for self-rescue, significantly improving their safety.

Viewers have flocked to the post, expressing their agreement with the tip and thanking Nikki for raising awareness. Many individuals shared their personal experiences, emphasizing the importance of this technique. Some TikTokers also mentioned concerns about their child removing the towel or their arms getting cold. Nikki responded by suggesting different styles of towels, including terrycloth robes that can be worn after swimming to keep the arms covered and warm.

Nikki’s life-saving advice has resonated with parents worldwide, highlighting the power of social media in spreading crucial information and fostering a safer environment for children around water.


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