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Marjorie Taylor Greene Warns Biden of Potential Prosecution If Trump Returns to Presidency

Republican Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene issued a warning to President Joe Biden on Saturday, suggesting that former President Donald Trump could potentially win the presidency and subsequently pursue legal action against Biden.

Trump has consistently claimed that the criminal charges against him are politically motivated, but recent court decisions have not supported this assertion. On Friday, Judge Chutkan, in a D.C. criminal case, determined that presidential immunity does not shield Trump from prosecution.

Legal expert Andrew Weissmann highlighted a specific aspect of Judge Chutkan’s ruling on social media, quoting the judge’s statement: “By definition, the President’s duty to ‘take Care that the Laws be faithfully executed’ does not grant special latitude to violate them.”

Former Trump aide Stephen Miller seized upon Weissmann’s observation and used it to make veiled threats.

In a post on Saturday, Miller suggested that based on Weissmann’s interpretation, a future Department of Justice (DOJ) could potentially imprison Biden and others for alleged violations of immigration laws, as well as charges related to conspiracy for human trafficking, drug trafficking, and drug smuggling.

Marjorie Taylor Greene expressed agreement with Miller’s interpretation, stating in a post, “Yep. They should be careful about the precedents they set.”



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