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66-Year-Old Man Receives 100-Year Prison Sentence for Fatally Shooting 8-Year-Old Daughter in Attempted Attack on Family

According to official court documents, a 66-year-old man named Tony has been sentenced to a 100-year prison term for the tragic killing of his 8-year-old daughter, Ariana.

Prosecutors revealed that the elderly man shot his young daughter while attempting to shoot his girlfriend, who is Ariana’s mother, and their 18-year-old son.

Prosecutors further disclosed that the 66-year-old defendant entered a guilty plea for deliberate homicide. This devastating incident took place in July of the previous year.

In a distressing 911 call, Tony reported that he had shot individuals inside his residence, claiming they were attempting to harm him. Responding officers arrived to find the 8-year-old child with life-threatening injuries.

She was urgently transported to the hospital but, tragically, was pronounced dead. During interviews with investigators, the 66-year-old man stated that he believed his girlfriend and their 18-year-old son were trying to evict him from the home.

In response, he retrieved a handgun and fired at them. Regrettably, during this shooting, Tony inadvertently struck his 8-year-old daughter in the back while aiming at his son.

He also shot his longtime partner, Ariana’s mother, who survived her injuries. Tony had also attempted to shoot his 18-year-old son, who remains unidentified, but missed and accidentally injured his daughter in the process.

During the sentencing, Tony, who reportedly suffers from chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, emphysema, diabetes, and hepatitis B, expressed his remorse and acknowledged that the pain he caused would endure for a lifetime.

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