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Stepfather Arrested for Voluntary Manslaughter and Second-Degree Murder in Tragic Shooting of Stepsons

A 40-year-old stepfather, identified as Terril, has been arrested and charged with multiple offenses, including voluntary manslaughter, armed criminal action, and second-degree murder, following the tragic killing of his two stepsons.

The incident reportedly unfolded during a heated argument. The victims, 30-year-old Mario and 23-year-old Adonis, tragically lost their lives during the incident, with both being pronounced dead at the scene.

Fortunately, the suspect’s biological children, who were present in the residence at the time of the shooting, were unharmed, as confirmed by police officials. The victims’ mother made a distressing 911 call, reporting that her husband had shot her two sons.

Responding officers discovered both victims in the kitchen, having sustained multiple gunshot wounds, and they were subsequently pronounced dead at the scene.

As the investigation progressed, authorities uncovered video footage of the fatal incident. The video allegedly depicted altercations in the basement and near the garage. In the footage, the suspect can be seen retrieving a firearm and approaching one of the brothers, who was reported to be holding a knife.

Subsequently, the suspect fired warning shots into the ceiling. The victims’ mother then escorted her sons out of the house, but regrettably, both of them returned shortly after.

When one of the brothers reportedly attempted to assault his stepfather, he was shot. The 40-year-old stepfather then shot the other stepson. Shockingly, according to L&C, while the victims were on the ground, their stepfather allegedly shot them again.

During interviews with investigators, the 40-year-old man claimed he had grabbed a gun in self-defense after being assaulted. However, police officials stated that none of the victims were armed when they were shot.

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