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Speculation Mounts: President Biden Contemplating 2024 Election Withdrawal Amid Health Concerns and Approval Rating Decline

In a report by Express on Sunday, January 7, 2024, President Joe Biden is reportedly considering withdrawing from the 2024 election, citing health concerns and a notable decline in approval ratings. JPMorgan strategist Michael Cemblast has made a bold prediction, forecasting this potential development among his ten “surprise” predictions for the year.

Cemblast anticipates that President Biden may decide to step aside after Super Tuesday, a critical day in the primary election and caucus calendar when a majority of states participate. According to the strategist, the to poor health and entrusts the Democratic National Committee with selecting his successor for the 2024 election.

Mr. Cemblast sheds light on factors contributing to Biden’s political challenges, stating, “Biden has a low approval rating for a President with ~10 percent job creation since his inauguration, although that figure is the by-product of his inauguration coinciding with the rollout of COVID vaccines and a reopening US economy.”

The strategist also emphasizes the impact of President Biden’s declining poll numbers on his potential decision. A November survey by the New York Times and Siena College revealed that only 37 percent of respondents trust President Biden with the economy, indicating a significant erosion of public confidence.

Concerns about President Biden’s mental and physical state intensified after an incident at Valley Forge in Pennsylvania, where he appeared confused on stage, prompting First Lady Jill Biden to intervene.

Political figures like David Axelrod, architect of Barack Obama’s 2008 election triumph, and John B. Judis, a seasoned political strategist and author, expressed concerns about Biden’s age and perceived shortcomings in public appearances.

As discussions about President Biden’s potential withdrawal gain traction, questions arise about how the Democratic National Committee will navigate the challenge of selecting a new candidate for the 2024 election. The convergence of health concerns and dwindling approval ratings pose a unique set of challenges for the party, sparking speculation about the impact on their electoral prospects in the upcoming race.

Moriah Ballard
Moriah Ballard
Moriah Ballard joined the KPRC 2 digital team in the fall of 2021. Prior to becoming a digital content producer in Southeast Texas and a Houstonian, Moriah was an award-winning radio host in her hometown of Lorain, Ohio and previously worked as a producer/content creator in Cleveland. Her faith, family, and community are her top passions.


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