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SOURCES: Joe Biden Knows Who Brought Cocaine to White House

Over a month has elapsed since a bag of cocaine was discovered within the confines of the White House.

Despite the passage of time, no arrests have been executed, and the prevailing narrative suggests that both the Secret Service and the FBI remain unable to pinpoint the individual responsible for this incident.

Information gleaned from sources linked to White House security, however, paints a different picture. These sources assert that the bag of cocaine found within the White House was associated with an individual connected to the “Biden family circle,” and Joe Biden himself possesses knowledge of this individual’s identity.

As reported by Susan Katz Keating in “Soldier of Fortune” magazine, three distinct sources, operating within a U.S. government agency and without authorization to engage with the media, have indicated that the Secret Service relayed to Joe Biden the name of the individual who introduced the cocaine into the White House. Remarkably, all three sources independently confirmed the same individual to the magazine.

Conjecture has swirled around the potential involvement of Hunter Biden, given his past struggles with substance abuse and the likelihood that only individuals linked to the first family could circumvent security measures to introduce the drugs.

However, these sources emphasize that Hunter Biden was not directly implicated in the cocaine incident.

One of the sources clarified, “It was someone within the Biden family’s inner circle, and Hunter was not implicated.”

The Secret Service formally concluded its inquiry last month, citing a scarcity of evidence. However, this explanation has been met with skepticism.

Dan Bongino, a seasoned Secret Service veteran, voiced his doubts, suggesting that the truth might diverge from this official stance. Bongino opined, “There are likely fewer than 200 individuals who could have left this cocaine – which was contained in a plastic bag, a non-porous surface that could potentially yield latent fingerprints.

They must be aware of the perpetrator’s identity. The question arises, who is exerting pressure to deter the unveiling of the truth? It’s reasonable to assume that this pressure originates from within the White House.

This situation is disconcerting. We should not allow the degradation of this agency akin to the erosion witnessed within the FBI. Numerous former colleagues from the Secret Service, spanning both the Obama and Bush administrations, are profoundly dismayed by this situation.

Many of them are apolitical, and their shared sentiment is one of embarrassment. They possess precise knowledge of the identity of the individual involved.”

Given that three credible sources conveyed the same information to Keating, it seems inevitable that the identity of the responsible party will eventually surface.

Irrespective of whether Hunter Biden was involved, there appears to have been an effort to obscure the truth within the White House’s walls, ostensibly aimed at safeguarding an individual closely linked to, or even part of, the first family.

Rhiannon Ingle
Rhiannon Ingle
Journalist at the Medialinker Group


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