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Son of Home Depot worker, 83, who was killed on the job calls for crackdown on rampant theft

The son of a senior Home Depot employee, who tragically lost his life after being violently assaulted by a serial shoplifter, has revealed that his elderly father was simply trying to request a receipt when the ruthless attack took place. The incident, captured on camera, occurred on October 18 at a Home Depot store in Hillsborough, North Carolina. Gary Rasor, 83, was shoved forcefully to the ground after approaching a man who was wheeling out three pressure washers worth over $800. Unfortunately, Rasor passed away on December 1 due to complications from his injuries.

Jeff Rasor, the eldest child of the victim, has emphasized that his father was merely doing his job and seeking proof of purchase when he was callously assaulted. Now, he is urging authorities to take immediate action against the rising tide of theft plaguing the nation.

In an interview with Nightline, Rasor expressed his belief that there should be appropriate consequences for such crimes. He finds it deeply disturbing that any piece of equipment from Home Depot could lead to loss of life, especially when the value is a mere $837. He is calling for law enforcement to impose stricter penalties to deter shoplifters and put an end to organized retail crimes that have become increasingly prevalent.

Rasor fondly recalls his father’s love for working at Home Depot and appeals for the implementation of effective measures to discourage retail theft. Meanwhile, Scott Glenn, the vice president of asset protection at Home Depot, has acknowledged the escalating theft rates within the retail chain. He notes that the risk faced by store employees has been rising, with individuals getting injured or even killed due to the indifference displayed by these criminals.

To address these concerns, Home Depot has taken steps to enhance security across all its stores. Measures include the installation of additional cameras and the hiring of more security guards. The introduction of new merchandise tracking technology aims to assist in apprehending shoplifters who manage to escape with stolen goods. Glenn emphasizes that the company strives to ensure a safe working environment for its extensive workforce of 500,000 employees, toldĀ ABC News.

Bob Nardelli, the former CEO of Home Depot, has labeled the surge in retail store thefts as an “epidemic” that has instilled fear among both employees and customers. He urges authorities to take control of the situation, warning that if they fail to do so, the responsibility will fall solely on the shoulders of businesses, be they public or private.

In a separate incident after Gary Rasor’s tragic death, another Home Depot employee was killed while confronting a shoplifter at a store in California. Blake Mohs, a loss prevention employee, was shot in the chest in April while attempting to prevent theft. Following the shooting, Benicia Knapps, 32, and her boyfriend, David Guillory, 31, were apprehended by law enforcement 15 minutes later. They now face charges of murder, robbery, child endangerment, and conspiracy.

Jeff Rasor expresses that his father would not have wanted Terry McAnthony McMillian, the individual charged with his father’s murder and robbery in January, to spend the rest of his life in jail. Instead, he believes his father would have wished for McMillian to pursue a successful career in law and be engaged in an internship at this time. However, the reality is that McMillian is currently incarcerated.

Moriah Ballard
Moriah Ballard
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