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California School Crossing Guard Faces Long Recovery After Tragic Accident

Earlier this month in Lakewood, California, a school crossing guard named Eduardo Villalpando suffered the loss of his leg after being struck by a car. The incident occurred on December 1, just after Villalpando had safely guided a group of children across the street. According to reports from CW affiliate KTLA, a Dodge Challenger veered off course, jumping a curb and colliding with Villalpando.

Surveillance footage from the SuperFine Auto Spa captured the harrowing crash, depicting the Dodge slamming into Villalpando after hitting a Honda Pilot SUV and plowing through a cement shopping sign. Villalpando described the moment, recalling, “I remember floating … flying, not being in control of my body. Then I woke up on the ground a second later.”

The impact resulted in severe injuries to Villalpando’s right leg, while his left leg was tragically severed. Maria Robles, Eduardo’s wife, detailed the extent of the injuries in a GoFundMe post, explaining that his leg was “pinned,” and his body was thrown a considerable distance during the collision.

Employees from the car wash, witnessing the chaotic scene, rushed to assist Villalpando. Nabeel Karadsheh, the owner of SuperFine Auto Spa, downplayed their actions, stating, “We don’t think we’re heroes; just the human thing to do” he told NBC affiliate KNBC

Currently facing a challenging road to recovery, Villalpando’s wife expressed gratitude for the car wash staff’s quick response, acknowledging that their prompt actions likely saved her husband’s life. The GoFundMe campaign initiated by the family has raised nearly $20,000 as of Monday afternoon.

Villalpando, looking towards the future, is focused on getting stronger and returning to work. Despite the traumatic incident, he shared the joy he finds in his role as a crossing guard, saying, “It’s pretty awesome because I get to walk with all the kids and you get to see their faces and their enthusiasm for the day.”

As of now, the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department has not made any arrests, and the incident remains under investigation.

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