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Rude Woman Fat-Shaming Fellow Passengers And Calling Them ‘2 Pigs’, Gets Kicked Off Plane

A United Airlines flight took an unexpected turn when a passenger was asked to leave the aircraft due to her verbal outbursts targeting her fellow passengers.

The incident unfolded as Norma Rodgers, a nurse from New Jersey, found herself seated between two individuals in the middle of the plane. Feeling uncomfortable, she began complaining about being “squished” due to the size of her seatmates.

Rodgers decided to document the unfolding situation as the disruptive passenger made loud complaints about the seat assignments while conversing on her phone. The unnamed passenger directed insulting remarks towards her seatmates, shocking the other passengers on board.

In the video, the woman expressed her reluctance to sit next to “two big people” for a four-hour flight. She also retorted to Rodgers, asserting that her diet mainly consisted of salads, emphasizing her slim figure, and declared her disregard for political correctness.

Another passenger offered a potential solution by suggesting the availability of a window seat. The disruptive woman momentarily hung up her phone and attempted to move to investigate the empty seat, but she encountered difficulties in doing so.

Faced with the escalating situation, Rodgers called a flight attendant for assistance and requested help in finding a more suitable seat for the woman, who was clearly in distress.

The flight attendant asked the disruptive passenger to remain at the back of the plane temporarily until a more appropriate seat could be located. The flight, bound from Las Vegas to Newark, was operating at full capacity, being just days after New Year’s.

Despite the challenges, Rodgers hoped that a resolution could be reached, as she had no intention of starting her year with verbal abuse from a fellow passenger.

Finally, after being able to move from her row, the disgruntled woman insisted on a window seat or being removed from the plane. As she walked toward the back of the aircraft, other passengers voiced their disapproval, but she retorted, suggesting they consider what it would be like “to sit between two pigs.”

Ultimately, the disruptive passenger was escorted off the plane, bringing an end to the ordeal.

Rodgers shared her video on Facebook, where it garnered millions of views. She noted her status as a United platinum member, a result of her frequent work-related travels, and disclosed that she was traveling with her partner, McKinley ‘Mac’ Frink.

In response, United Airlines stated that, given the evident disruption caused by the passenger’s behavior, they offered her alternative travel arrangements to address the situation.

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