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“I will Resign If He’s Nominated” Trouble In GOP As Senior Leader Threatens To Resign If Trump Wins

Governor Ron DeSantis’s Super PAC made waves by announcing the appointment of 99 new county chairs in Iowa.

However, this move has stirred controversy as revelations emerged regarding the statements made by some of these newly appointed county chairs.

According to a report by The National Palse on Tuesday, August 15, 2023, The focus has now shifted to comments made by Ryan Frederick, the chairman of the Never Back Down PAC in Adair County, Iowa.

One of the appointed county chairs, Matt Wells, hailing from Washington County, came under scrutiny after it was discovered that he had referred to Trump supporters as “degenerates” and openly expressed his refusal to support former President Donald Trump, even suggesting that he wouldn’t “piss on Trump if he was on fire.”

These comments were made to leftist media outlets, raising questions about his alignment with Governor DeSantis’s political strategy.

Now, Ryan Frederick’s comments have come to light, further highlighting the complexities surrounding the Governor’s picks for Iowa county chairs.

In a statement uncovered by The National Pulse, Frederick identified himself as a “party loyalist” to the press but took a decidedly different stance on social media platform X (formerly known as Twitter).

He announced his intention to resign as a county party chairman and expressed his reluctance to continue participating in the party apparatus if Trump were to be nominated in the upcoming primary elections.

Frederick’s stance on the matter is clear: he believes that Governor DeSantis is the optimal choice for the Republican Party’s nomination.

He argued that choosing Trump would be a mistake, stating that “if we think for 5 minutes that Trump is somehow superior to DeSantis, we don’t deserve to have a political party.

The man is a farce, and always has been.” Frederick also expressed his belief in DeSantis’s ability to lead the party into the future and advocated for a focus on generational change.

The controversy doesn’t end with Frederick’s declaration.

His comments about the British monarchy being the “ultimate form of government” and his perspective that it achieves “national prestige and accumulates wealth and status through stability” have added another layer of complexity to the unfolding situation.

In response to The National Pulse’s inquiry, Frederick expanded on his statements.

He acknowledged that his mind isn’t entirely made up on the matter but stressed his extensive experience as a county party chairman spanning nearly two decades.

Frederick strongly believes that prioritizing a candidate who can secure victory in the upcoming election is paramount, asserting that Governor DeSantis is the obvious choice for such a task.

He underscored the potential for transformative change within the Republican Party under DeSantis’s leadership.

As the controversy continues to brew, questions arise about the implications of such outspoken dissent within the ranks of Governor DeSantis’s appointed county chairs.

The exposure of differing opinions within the party adds an interesting dynamic to the ongoing political landscape.

With the 2024 elections looming, the choices made by party members and leaders alike will undoubtedly shape the future trajectory of the Republican Party.

In conclusion, Governor Ron DeSantis’s Super PAC’s announcement of 99 new Iowa county chairs has stirred controversy with revelations of controversial statements from some appointees.

Ryan Frederick, chair of the Never Back Down PAC in Adair County, Iowa, has declared himself a ‘NeverTrumper’ and expressed concerns about the potential nomination of Donald Trump in the upcoming primary.

His comments underscore the complex dynamics within the Republican Party as it navigates its path forward toward the 2024 elections.



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