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Protester tackled and arrested for rushing at Trump’s motorcade with a protest sign after arraignment in Miami


Video footage circulating on social media captured the dramatic moment when an anti-Trump protester was apprehended and arrested for lunging toward the former president’s motorcade with a protest sign following his arraignment at a courthouse in Miami, Florida.

Former President Donald Trump had been taken into custody and entered a plea of not guilty in response to 37 federal charges concerning his alleged mishandling of White House documents during his presidency, storing them at his Mar-a-Lago residence.

As the motorcade carrying the ex-president departed from the courthouse, an individual dressed in inmate attire sprinted in front of the vehicle, brandishing a sizable protest sign. Swiftly responding to the security breach, personnel tackled the protester and swiftly moved him aside to enable the motorcade to proceed.

In the captured video, another individual was seen striking the protester in the face with what appeared to be a Trump hat, while law enforcement officers proceeded to arrest him.

Prior to his arrest, the protester, who identified himself as Dominic Santana, a retired Cuban-American, voiced his sentiments to the Independent. Santana expressed hope that Trump would face legal consequences, emphasizing that he believed the former president had evaded accountability for far too long. Santana further commented on Trump’s perceived mastery of spin and his anticipation of the ex-president’s strategic maneuvering in the face of the charges.

The arraignment attracted a substantial turnout of both pro-Trump supporters and anti-Trump counter-protesters, resulting in clashes on several occasions. At one point, authorities summoned the bomb squad to investigate a suspicious item, which ultimately turned out to be a false alarm.

Additionally, an individual arrived at the courthouse holding a severed pig’s head mounted on a stick, with an American flag protruding from its mouth. When questioned by reporters, he declined to disclose his stance on the charges against Trump, simply stating that he was present for entertainment purposes.



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