Prisoner Serving a Hard Time On Weekends Caught Trying To Smuggle Meth That Was Sewn In His Underwear

In a recent development, authorities in Kansas have apprehended two individuals for their involvement in an attempt to traffic methamphetamine into a county jail. The Barton County Sheriff’s Office reported that jail staff and detectives became aware of a plan to smuggle contraband into the Barton County Jail.

According to investigators, 47-year-old Craig Gowdy, who was serving weekends to fulfill his sentence, was recruited to carry out the smuggling operation. The scheme involved Gowdy passing the drugs to other inmates once inside the jail, told KSN-TV.

On June 16, when Gowdy reported to the jail, detectives and jail staff discovered suspected methamphetamine sewn into the seam of his undergarments. Gowdy was subsequently booked and charged with possession of methamphetamine with intent to distribute and trafficking contraband into a correctional facility. He is currently held on a $50,000 bond.

Additionally, 36-year-old Matthew Cooley, an inmate already present in the Barton County Jail, was also arrested and charged with the same offenses. Cooley was initially held on two probation violation charges, and the newly added charges have resulted in an additional $50,000 bond being imposed.

Authorities believe that there may be additional individuals involved in the conspiracy and are actively seeking arrest warrants for them in the near future. The investigation is ongoing.

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