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A pregnant woman stuck in Greece fears for her baby ‘who is the only piece of partner left’

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Thurza Blagg, a pregnant woman who found herself stranded in a Greek hospital, is deeply worried about the well-being of her unborn baby. Seeking solace from the tragic death of her partner, Paul Ahad, Blagg embarked on a holiday in Rhodes. However, her plans took a distressing turn when she experienced bleeding at 28 weeks into her pregnancy.

In a bid to ensure a safe delivery, the 32-year-old is eager to return to the UK. Unfortunately, her insurance company AXA missed an opportunity to repatriate her, leading to her urgent transfer to Alexandra Hospital in Athens. Due to language barriers and a lack of support, Blagg feels uninformed about the condition of her baby.

Expressing her concerns, Blagg said, “I don’t feel secure, and I don’t have a clear birth plan. Today is the first time they are changing my sheets, and I have not been offered any food or water. My mom has had to purchase everything.”

Blagg, hailing from Sherwood, Nottinghamshire, had traveled to Rhodes on May 6 with her mother, who was celebrating her 60th birthday. Although she possessed a fit-to-fly letter, on May 12, just two days before her scheduled return, she began bleeding and was swiftly taken to Rhodes General Hospital. There, she was informed that her waters had broken and was given medication to delay premature birth, according to Yahoo.

Blagg immediately contacted AXA to arrange her return flight, but due to her general practitioner’s office being closed on weekends, the insurance company couldn’t obtain her medical information. Instead, AXA suggested that she sign a medical disclaimer, making her responsible for any costs if her situation didn’t meet the policy’s terms, as reported by Nottinghamshire Live.

However, even after submitting the signed documents, AXA failed to organize her flight before the decision was made to transfer her to Athens. Blagg lamented, “There was an opportunity for me to return home and receive appropriate care. I complied with everything they asked; it’s not about money—I want my baby to be alive, healthy, and safe. I’m scared and desperate to go home and understand what’s happening with my baby.”

AXA, in response, emphasized the importance of making the right decision and reassured that they were providing Blagg with the necessary medical assistance after carefully evaluating her case. Their spokesperson stated, “Given the complexity of her condition, it is our responsibility to ensure that any decision made is in her best interest.

Consequently, our medical team needed access to and review Ms. Blagg’s complete medical history to determine the appropriate next steps for her proper care.” The Foreign, Commonwealth, and Development Office has assured its support to Blagg and confirmed its communication with local authorities regarding the matter.

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