A Pregnant Model Retired To Focus On Her Baby Girl’s Impending Arrival, Then She Gave Birth Prematurely And Died After Getting Shot In DC

A shocking incident unfolded in Washington D.C. when two individuals armed with assault rifles targeted a car, resulting in the injury of a pregnant model and the father of her baby girl.

Assistant Chief of Patrol Andre Wright of the Metropolitan Police Department described the attack as a brazen act, occurring in broad daylight. The incident took place on June 15, around 11:20 in the morning. According to the police, Samya Gill, 22, and her boyfriend were inside their parked vehicle when a white four-door sedan pulled up. The assailants emerged from the vehicle and began firing at Gill and her boyfriend.

While Gill’s boyfriend managed to escape the scene by driving their car to an intersection, he sustained injuries from the gunfire. Gill, who hails from Maryland, was rushed to a nearby hospital, where she tragically lost her life. However, she did give birth before succumbing to her injuries, and her baby girl is currently in critical condition. Gill’s boyfriend suffered non-life-threatening injuries.

Authorities have obtained surveillance footage showing the two suspects. One of them was wearing a white jacket and hoodie, while the other was dressed in dark-colored clothing. The motive behind the shooting remains unknown, but investigators believe it was a targeted attack.

Gill’s mother revealed that her daughter was involved in modeling and ran an online clothing boutique. She had been eagerly preparing for the arrival of her baby girl. The grieving mother, whose identity was not disclosed, expressed her hope that the perpetrators would be apprehended. A GoFundMe page has been set up for the newborn girl named Zailey, seeking support during this difficult time.

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