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Postal Worker On Duty Spots Two Naked Children Covered In Feces, Makes Horrific Discovery About Mom

Judy Arnold Alexander had an extraordinary day while working as a postal worker on May 13 in Ash Flat, Arkansas when she encountered two young girls in a distressing situation.

Both girls appeared to be in dire straits – the older girl, aged 4, was dressed in a soiled nightgown, and the younger girl, aged 2, was found completely unclothed, covered in feces.

Alexander acted swiftly, removing the children from the middle of the road and initiating a search for their mother. Her efforts led her to a distressing discovery – the mother was found unconscious in a chair, with two smoking pipes nearby.

Upon receiving Alexander’s call for assistance, Sharp County Sheriff Mark Counts and several deputies swiftly arrived at the scene. While awaiting their arrival, Alexander, along with other adults, used baby wipes to clean the girls. Subsequently, the Department of Human Services (DHS) took custody of the children.

The mother, identified as Heather Shelton, 29, admitted to using drugs that morning. Inside the residence, authorities found an infant boy, and a strong, unpleasant odor emanated from within the house. A subsequent search by DHS uncovered two bags of marijuana, eight open bottles of nail polish, and two pipes.

The children willingly accompanied the DHS workers, and Sheriff Counts expressed his belief that these young ones had been left to fend for themselves for an extended period.

The disturbing situation raises questions about the priorities of an individual who would prioritize substance use over the welfare of her children. Shelton has been arrested and faces various charges, including endangering the health and welfare of a minor. Sharing this information is encouraged to raise awareness of such issues.

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