Polencarz’ Reversal On Migrants Shows Its Time To Stop Playing Games With Immigration

Last week marked a significant development as Mark Polencarz, the Erie County executive, made a decision to halt the acceptance of migrants from New York City.

This decision followed the occurrence of two s*x crimes among migrants being housed in Cheektowaga.

Interestingly, this change of course comes just a few months after Polencarz had emphasized that he would not issue an “morally repugnant” executive order regarding the housing of asylum seekers in Erie County.

It’s worth noting Polencarz’s stance as it mirrored the sentiments expressed by numerous well-intentioned officials within the Democratic Party.

This alignment of words occurred as New York City faced an influx of migrants sent northward by governors of border states. These governors had been grappling with the strain on their social services and education systems due to prolonged federal inaction on immigration matters.

Critics of those opposed to housing migrants were swift to label them as racist and xenophobic. Concerns about expenses were brushed aside, given that New York City was slated to contribute a billion dollars for migrant support, sourced from the state.

Subsequently, it emerged that these payments ceased after just four months, despite the fact that many migrants were not authorized to work for a minimum of six months due to extensive paperwork delays.

These concerns, along with issues pertaining to safety, were dismissed until Cheektowaga residents began experiencing safety-related problems.

In Cheektowaga, aside from the two instances of sex crimes, there were complaints about migrants soliciting money from people in stores, seeking work outside a Home Depot in the Buffalo area, sleeping on front lawns, and instances of migrants with previous arrests in New York City being relocated to Buffalo. The Buffalo News reported on various minor criminal complaints involving asylum seekers as well.

However, Republicans should exercise caution in claiming victory solely based on these issues in Cheektowaga.

Although the concerns are valid, local law enforcement has noted a decrease in police responses to hotels housing migrants since their arrival, suggesting that crime isn’t exclusively attributed to migrants.

Moreover, there’s a workforce demand in Western New York and a willing labor force among migrants who, due to legal constraints, are unable to contribute.

This scenario presents an opportunity for both parties to reassess the current immigration policy, which has been shaped by both Republicans and Democrats at the national level.

A meaningful conversation and action on immigration, a long-standing necessity, may now be within reach as Democrats confront the complexities of migration firsthand.

The situation underscores the urgency of finding solutions that balance housing asylum seekers with ensuring community safety.

It’s imperative to create avenues for these individuals to become self-sufficient through employment, rather than relying on assistance during the extended paperwork process.

Additionally, a reliable vetting process is needed before relocating migrants to new residences within the state or country. In essence, the time has come for a comprehensive plan that transcends political maneuvers.

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