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Plus-size woman claims she sometimes struggles to use the Bathroom on planes as aisles are too narrow

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Bo Berry, a popular TikToker, has shed light on the difficulties she encounters while trying to use the bathroom during flights due to narrow aisles. In a viral video posted on TikTok, Bo demonstrated the struggle of maneuvering through the aisle of a United Airlines plane, having to turn sideways to make her way toward the front. The video, titled “Flying while fat – Lavatory edition,” resonated with her 295k followers, receiving over 122.7k likes.

Bo addressed the sensitive topic, stating, “I don’t fit in a standard airplane lavatory at all. Accessibility to a bathroom is the number one roadblock for me when it comes to long-distance travel, regardless of the difficulty of securing two seats.” She further explained that wide-body aircraft usually offer wheelchair-accessible toilets, but narrow-body planes do not have the same requirements.

Sharing her personal experience, Bo revealed that on narrow-body flights, she is unable to use the bathroom, limiting her maximum flight time to about six hours. Fortunately, this issue has rarely posed a problem for her, except for one incident when a flight delay nearly caused her to have an accident. The additional two hours added to her San Francisco to Chicago flight pushed her to the limit.

Bo’s video has sparked discussions among TikTok users, with many applauding her for raising awareness and sharing her experience as a plus-size traveler. Commenters expressed surprise at the lack of wheelchair accessibility on domestic or small flights and shared their own struggles and frustrations. Some individuals, including wheelchair users, pledged to advocate for improved airplane accessibility for all passengers.

Jake Massey
Jake Massey
Journalist at the Medialinker Group


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