Pitbull Puppy Chewed Off Baby’s Fingers While Her Mother Used the Bathroom

Authorities have reported the arrest of a Florida woman after her 3-month-old pit bull puppy severely injured her baby by chewing off the child’s fingers. The incident occurred when Chloe Wisniewski, 21, left her infant unattended in a bassinet to take a shower, according to the Charlotte County Sheriff’s Office.

On February 14, Wisniewski, who was feeling unwell, placed her baby in the bassinet before entering the bathroom. She stated that she had turned on the shower but quickly turned it off upon hearing the baby’s screams, as reported by Miami Herald.

Upon returning to the room, Wisniewski discovered the 3-month-old pit bull puppy named Apollo chewing on the baby’s hands. She immediately wrapped the injured hands in cloth and called 911 for assistance. The baby girl was initially taken to a local hospital but was later transferred to Tampa General Hospital for specialized treatment. Tragically, three fingers on her left hand had been fully amputated, while two fingers on her right hand were partially amputated.

After a comprehensive investigation lasting four months, authorities arrested Wisniewski on June 16, charging her with child neglect. Brian Jones, Division Manager at Charlotte County Animal Control, described the incident as a “bizarre, very unfortunate incident,” emphasizing that it could occur with any breed of dog.

Wisniewski, overwhelmed by the extent of the baby’s injuries, told the police that she couldn’t bear to look at the blood on her child’s fingers.

Apollo was taken into custody by Charlotte County Animal Control and underwent quarantine procedures following the bite incident. Once the quarantine was completed successfully, Apollo was transferred to the Animal Welfare League.

Following her arrest, Wisniewski has since been released on bail. Her family reports that the injured child is recovering well from the incident.

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