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Pit Bull Drags 8-Month-Old Baby Outside — Mom Terrified As She Looks Out Door

When a mother woke up, she saw her pit bull running amok in the backyard and decided to allow him inside. When she does, the dog rushes to the baby girl’s room and starts dragging the young child outside. Her mother observed what was outside as she reached out to grab her infant daughter in an attempt to protect her from the dog.

Normally, Nana Chaichanhda wouldn’t leave her pit bull, Sasha, who was 8 months old, outside overnight, but on this particular occasion, she did. She was awakened at 11 p.m. while asleep inside her Stockton, California, home by sounds. She couldn’t stop barking, knocking, and sobbing at the rear door—it was her dog Sasha.

Nana decided to explore why Sasha was making so much noise, so she got out of bed. Nana opened the door, assuming the dog just wanted to enter. “As I open it, she rushes in and begins barking furiously at me, and I immediately thought, “OK, this is strange. After the terrifying incident, Nana described it to FOX40, saying, “This is not like her.

Sasha sprinted into the home and instantly headed for Nana’s 7-month-old daughter’s bedroom in the back. Nana started to search for the cause of the issue as her dog continued to act out. The 30-year-old mother wanted to make sure that there wasn’t an intruder, another animal, or anything even worse around because it was evident that something had spooked her dog.

Nana opened another door in her house and her heart started to rush as she looked into what may have offended the dog. Four families were living in her building, which was on fire. Nana saw that a nearby apartment was on fire and that the flames were moving towards her house, endangering her children who were inside sleeping.

Nana became alarmed as she saw the wildfire rapidly start to move from the neighbor’s apartment to her own. She had to wake up her sleeping kids right away. She saw Sasha ahead of her as she ran back inside. The pit bulldog attempted to drag 7-month-old Masailah outdoors by her diaper rather than running for safety. She was yanking my kid off the bed and holding my baby by the diaper, Nana told FOX40. “Oh my god, what are you doing?” I exclaimed.

In order to wake the neighbors, the family was able to leave the building. Everyone left the complex safely, and emergency services were summoned after the evacuation. Despite the firefighters’ best efforts, the house was destroyed by the fire. Sasha, though, made sure that nobody was wounded. That was significant. She is all I owe. Without her, I could still be in bed, and things might have gotten worse,” Nana added.

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