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Pilot Crashes Into Forest & Gets Impaled By 1-Meter-Long Branch. His reply? “I Am Groot.”

A 36-year-old man hailing from Belarus was piloting his microlight aircraft through the countryside when an unfortunate accident occurred, causing him to crash into a forest.

According to reports from The Mirror UK, the man in question is Ivan Krasouski. Following the crash, Ivan found himself impaled by a one-meter-long branch that had pierced through his shoulder. In a rather surprising and slightly comical twist, he can be seen in a photograph with this substantial wooden projectile sticking out of his shoulder, prompting some to jestingly wonder if he possesses Viking lineage.

Remarkably, even with what may have been one of the world’s largest splinters embedded in his body, Ivan seized the moment for a witty remark. As onlookers gathered and debated the best approach to extract the branch, Ivan humorously quipped, “I am Groot,” referencing a famous line from a popular movie character.

Subsequently, Ivan was promptly transported to the local hospital’s emergency ward, where a team of medical professionals worked diligently to remove the sizable wooden object from his sturdy frame.

In a video filmed by Ivan himself, he recounted the sequence of events that unfolded after his unexpected encounter with the forest. His retelling of the experience left many astounded and questioning the extraordinary resilience of this individual.

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