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Peter Navarro Rails Against ‘SOBs’ Who Put Him in ‘Leg Irons’: ‘Everyone in That Frigging White House’ is Facing ‘Prison Time’

Former Trump White House official Peter Navarro railed against the “SOBs” who put him in “leg irons” and handcuffs on Monday after he was convicted of contempt of Congress.

During a segment on Newsmax’s The Balance, host Eric Bolling told Navarro, “They definitely said you’re guilty, Peter, but you’re not ready to lay down and lose this fight, are you?”

“No, we’re gonna win this fight. That’s why God created the appeals court,” Navarro replied:

Navarro argued that he shouldn’t have been convicted because former President Donald Trump “invoked what’s called executive privilege, which is a principle to defend the integrity of the White House from partisan interference from the Congress.”

“As soon as he did that it was not my privilege to waive by law. If I had waived the privilege, I could have been prosecuted for that!” Navarro claimed. “And so what I told the prosecution and Congress, ad nauseam, repeatedly, ‘Hey, I’ll be happy to help you out, just go to Donald Trump and ask him to waive the privilege.’

Those SOBs, Eric, they never did. They never picked up the frigging phone to call the president. Instead, they stuck me in leg Irons and handcuffs. Stick me with half a million dollars of legal bills.”

Navarro concluded, “It’s outrageous what they’re doing to me and everybody I worked with, Eric. Everybody in that frigging White House that I went to in 2017, January is facing massive legal bills and possible prison time because these SOBs want to keep Trump out of the White House. It’s just, it’s just wrong.”

Rudy Giuliani claimed on Friday that Trump was “really, really upset” upon hearing the news of Navarro’s conviction for contempt of Congress last week.

“I was with former President Trump when we found out about it yesterday, and I’ve got to tell you, he was really, really upset about it,” Giuliani told Bolling. “It’s one thing to get persecuted yourself. It’s another to see your family, your friends, the people working for you getting persecuted like this.”

This is a really interesting situation, Eric. I am literally the first senior White House adviser in the history of our entire republic ever to be charged with this alleged crime, and there’s a good reason why it’s never happened. It’s because the Justice Department, Biden’s Justice Department, for more than 50 years has had absolute policy against compelled testimony of people like me, i.e. alter egos to the president. I think it’s the grossest case, besides what they’re doing to Trump, of how Biden has weaponized the Department of Justice for partisan ends to interfere with the 2024 election. Now my big challenge now is I’ve got another half a million dollars to raise. I’ve already spent a half a million dollars on the case, but this will be appealed.

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