Parolee Convicted in Towing Tragedy Rearrested for Assault with a Broom

A woman previously convicted of manslaughter and vehicular homicide for the death of a tow truck driver has been rearrested for allegedly assaulting her boyfriend with a broom, just two years after being released on parole.

Detra Farries, the woman in question, faced a recent arrest after a disturbance call on the evening of November 5 in Colorado Springs. According to KKTV-TV, her boyfriend reported that an argument ensued when she accused him of checking out other women on his phone.

The situation escalated, with Farries allegedly spitting in his face and physically assaulting him multiple times, causing pain. She then reportedly grabbed a nearby broom and jabbed him several times in the stomach.

Arrest papers revealed that Farries was booked on a parole hold, in addition to facing charges of assault and harassment, as per El Paso County Jail records.

According to the Colorado Gazette, Farries’ previous conviction in 2012 was related to the death of tow truck driver Allen Rose. In 2011, Rose was towing Farries’ car when he became entangled in cables. Farries drove away, dragging Rose for more than a mile, leading to his torturous and painful death.

Despite arguments during the trial that Farries was unaware of Rose’s presence behind her and the cable on her car, she was sentenced to 20 years in prison. However, she was released on parole in 2021.

The recent incident raises questions about the conditions of Farries’ parole and the circumstances surrounding her return to custody, as she faces new charges of assault, highlighting the challenges of managing individuals with a history of violent offenses.

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