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Mum Shares Video of Her Undergoing Brain Radiation: ‘My Fear is Obvious’

Shannen Doherty, the 52-year-old actress who revealed her stage 4 breast cancer diagnosis in February 2020, shared an update on her health. Doherty announced on Tuesday that a CT scan conducted on January 5 showed she had brain metastases, a condition where cancer cells spread from the original site to the brain, according to the Mayo Clinic

In an Instagram video showing her receiving radiation therapy, Doherty explained that her first round of radiation took place on January 12. She expressed her fear and claustrophobia, acknowledging the challenges she faced amidst the turmoil in her life. Despite the difficult journey, she expressed gratitude to her doctors, including Dr. Amin Mirahdi, and the technicians at Cedar Sinai.

Doherty’s recent revelation follows her Instagram video from June 5, where she was fitted for a treatment mask, captioned “January 9, 2023.” The actress had previously discussed her health during a Charmed panel in March, expressing that she was feeling great and appreciating the support from the crowd.

Since her initial breast cancer diagnosis in 2015, followed by a recurrence in 2017, Doherty has been open about her treatment and frequently provided updates. Through her candid sharing, she aims to increase awareness and understanding of cancer, encouraging others to undergo regular checkups and mammograms, and bravely confront any challenges they may face.

Jake Massey
Jake Massey
Journalist at the Medialinker Group


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